Even in our mourning, we are taking our first steps toward healing.  Recovery begins with appreciation for our entire community—you—who have shared your time, prayers and support. We would like to thank:

The Gilroy Police Department who responded with bravery and professionalism;

The first responders and volunteers who reacted without hesitation even while their own lives were at risk;

The medical and mental health care providers who continue to provide care; there are no words to express our gratitude and lasting admiration;

Our 4,000 plus volunteers who organized and hosted the Festival and continue our shared mission;

The artists, craftspeople, vendors, and musicians who exhibited, entertained, and performed for our guests; and

Our community partners who continue to support us and our commitment to bring the community together to raise funds for local organizations.

Together we look forward to brighter days to come and to Festival 42 in July 2020.