Garlic Chef Jr.

In 2018, the Gilroy Garlic Festival introduced a brand-new cooking competition: Garlic Chef Jr.!

This exciting competition features eight young cooks under the age of 18 competing on the Garlic Cook-Off Stage. Each contestant must create one baked or grilled dish containing at least six cloves of garlic. A panel of expert judges evaluates each dish for taste, appearance, creativity and use of garlic.

Please stay tuned for more details about the 2019 competition.


  • This competition will include eight (8) Chefs under the age of 18.
  • Each Chef will create 1 cooked/grilled/baked dish, must include at least 6 cloves of garlic.
  • Chefs have a two-hour time period, includes the plating of dishes for presentation.
  • Chefs will be judged on taste, appearance, creativity and use of garlic by a panel of three judges.
  • During the competition, the Host will be speaking with the Chefs, learning about their dish/method/techniques, interest in cooking, career goals, school academics and more.
  • Ingredients will be provided by the Chefs. A pantry will be available with a variety of spices, condiments, staples and of course garlic should the Chef forget an ingredient.
  • One gas-powered cooking range will be provided for each Chef, complete with two four-burner cooktops & one oven, one sink and prep counter.
  • Chefs are required to bring any specialty cooking equipment, plating, and serving items.
  • Each team must be prepared to serve a panel of three (3) Judges and our Host and a plate which will be used for display after each round which is a total of five (5) dishes.
  • Chefs are allowed 1 adult (non professional) sous chef on stage with them; however, it’s not required.
  • The winner will be announced the end of the competition and presented with his or her prize.


  • 2018: Addyson Dell, age 6