Garlic Showdown Field Is Set

Jason Gronlund from the Hard Rock Café

Manny Pulido from Gilroy’s The Spiced Palate

Jason Lavinsky from the Hyatt at Fisherman’s Wharf

Mike Yakura from Dobbs Ferry in San Francisco

The field is set for the July 29 Garlic Showdown in the Cook-Off Theater. Four prominent professional chefs will participate in the ultimate showdown featuring the day’s key ingredient: garlic.

1st Prize is $5,000.

Contestants will be allowed to bring their favorite spices and cookware. The contestants will be given a "secret ingredient" and will have two hours to prepare, plate and serve their creations to a select panel of judges.

Each chef will be expected to prepare at least one entrée with the accompanying side dishes. The four contestants will start at 10-minute intervals and will each stop after their two hours have elapsed. The cook-off stage will supply the ingredients to be used by the contestants, ingredients that will be revealed the day of the contest.

The Showdown will be co-hosted by Chef Michael Giletto and author Marcy Smothers.