Garlic Fish Sticks and Slaw Tops at 2013 Garlic Cook-Off

The third time was the charm for Colorado's Karen Harris at the 2013 Gilroy Garlic Festival Great Garlic Cook-Off.  Harris captured the coveted Garlic Crown with her presentation of "Carnival Style Fish Sticks with Lemony Jalapeno Mayonaise and Spicy Apple Kohlrabi Slaw."

"Presentation was wonderful and the fish was cooked perfectly.  Overall, she found an ideal balance of garlic and used it so creatively throughout the dish," said Chef Jay Minzer, veteran Garlic Cook-Off judge.

The victory marks Karen Harris' third attempt at the Garlic Crown.  "I'm so happy I finally did it," she said.

As reigning Great Garlic Cook-Off champion, Harris also receives a $5,000 first place prize.