Garlic Festival Offers Private Label Lucero Olive Oil

Award-winning Lucero Olive Oil, a sponsor of the 35th Gilroy Garlic Festival, has commemorated its involvement by issuing a private label Garlic Festival olive oil.

These valuable cooking ingredients will be available in four varieties:

Gilroy Garlic, a mild intensity oil for use with fish dishes, vegetables, pasta, spinach salads, baking, or stir-fries. An excellent all-around olive oil.

Italian Garlic, a mild intensity oil for chicken, salads, baking, or stir-fry. Delightfully spicy and mouth watering.

Chili Garlic, a mild intensity oil for use with chicken, pasta, salads, baking, or stir-fry. Balanced with delicate spices and heat.

Chipotle Chili, a medium intensity oil for seasonings for dipping bread, adding zest to chicken, pasta, barbecue, and stir-fry.

New for 2012: Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, sweet, full and rich on the palate. A perfect partner with any Gilroy Garlic Festival Olive Oil for bread dipping. Drizzle over salads, tomatoes & mozzarella, or vanilla ice cream with strawberries!

Lucero Olive Oil is used in all food preparation by the pyro chefs on Gourmet Alley.

Individual bottles will be available in limited supply in the Garlic Mercantiles at $10. per item.